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Wax Overview

Wax allows users to create automated WatiN tests using Microsoft Excel

Author: Edward Wilde


  • 13/07/2008 - Wax 1.0.05 released
    • Corrected documentation bug for UsingDocument - thanks BAylesworth
    • Improved error handling in WaxRunner - thanks Hung PQ
  • 25/06/2008 - Wax 1.0.04 released
  • 08/10/2007 - Wax released
    • Added new commands for: Added new commands: AppendText, BringToFront, Focus, ClearText, PressTab, TypeText and Refresh

Wax Example

Creating a test to search google

1. Creating the excel test script

Microsoft Excel - SearchGoogle.xlsx (2).png
  • The first command navigates to the google home page
  • The second command sets the text property to WatiN; it finds the text property using the HTML element's name attribute.
<input type="text" title="Search" name="q"/>
  • The third command submits the search
  • Finally the forth command clicks the link that has it's href set to

2. Running the test

  • You can run a test script using WaxRunner that has a user interface to select, run and examine test script results.
  • Alternatively you can run the tests using WaxConsoleRunner. This method is useful when integrating running of tests in an automated build process
wax console runner.png


  • 21/08/2007 - Wax released
  • 19/08/2007 - Wax released
  • 15/08/2007 - First release of Wax
  • 09/08/2007 - Initial drop of source

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